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Universal Childcare & Pre-Kindergarten

I am a proud supporter of universal childcare and pre-kindergarten (pre-K) education. Over the past year, I have spoken with dozens of Revere parents who had to make the tremendously difficult decision to quit their jobs—sacrificing half or even the entirety of their household income—in order to provide care and educational support to their suddenly homebound children. The Covid-19 pandemic has only underscored the need for a universal childcare and pre-K program in Massachusetts that goes further than current proposals by recognizing and integrating into the economy the unpaid labor already provided by parents and caregivers.


Unsurprisingly, lack of universal childcare and pre-K has disproportionately impacted female parents and caregivers. Woman comprised 80% of people who exited the labor market in September of 2020—when virtual schooling restarted for most students in the United States. These job losses resulted in the lowest percentage of U.S. women in the workforce since 1988. The disparities are even more stark for women of color. While pandemic recovery efforts have prompted job gains, even the most optimistic economists do not project a return to pre-pandemic levels of employment for women until at least 2024. Two-thirds of surveyed Massachusetts employers cite lack of childcare as a primary barrier to re-entry into the state’s workforce.


This is unacceptable. No one should ever have to choose between caring for their child and putting food on the table. I firmly believe that universal childcare in Massachusetts is fundamental to achieving gender equity in the state, expediting our state’s recovery from Covid-19, and making our state more resilient in the face of future disruptions.

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