Anthony D'Ambrosio

On Universal Affordable Broadband Internet


Universal Affordable
Broadband Internet

I want to make Massachusetts the first state in the United States to provide universal, affordable, and reliable broadband internet to all residents. It is unacceptable that, in this district, there are neighborhoods where more than 25% of residents do not have access to the internet despite living less than five miles away from some of the top research universities in the world.


The pandemic accelerated the shift to online learning, remote working, and virtual healthcare and legal services, and many of these changes are never going away. Now more than ever, Massachusetts residents need internet service that not only connects them to a search engine, but also can support video communication. Reliable internet service helps students connect to virtual classes, people find and apply for new jobs, healthcare professionals more easily treat their patients, and seniors maintain critical social ties amidst the country’s loneliness epidemic.


The lack of affordable broadband internet service in our communities disproportionately impacts working-class families, people of color, immigrants, and senior citizens. To reduce social and economic inequities, we must reduce the digital divide and ensure that every resident in the Commonwealth has access to affordable and reliable Internet service.

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