Anthony D'Ambrosio

On Immigration



As the child and grandchild of immigrants, I have witnessed first-hand both the immense difficulties of navigating a new country and the wealth of opportunities that this country offers. Our immigrant communities enrich our district and broader state across all metrics, and we should in turn stand by them, especially those seeking humanitarian asylum or here under Temporary Protected Status (TPS).


I will advocate for the immigrant community at the state level and set the tone for an inclusive, tolerant society for all of us. Additionally, we must allocate more state funds for English Language Learning resources and translation services so that Covid-19 vaccine information and other important updates are effectively communicated to everyone. More statewide Covid relief assistance for small businesses and restaurants helps immigrant families, many of whom are small businesses owners. In supporting our immigrant communities, we craft better economic development, education, and transportation policies that benefit everyone in the Commonwealth.

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