Anthony D'Ambrosio

On Economic Development & Wealth Inequity


Economic Development & Wealth Inequity

I am running on a platform of jobs and infrastructure for a 21st century Massachusetts. At the state level, we need to support the creation of good jobs that pay a livable wage, include quality health insurance, and offer paid family and sick leave.


We must build on existing efforts to attract innovative start-ups and established businesses in the healthcare, technology, manufacturing, trades, and service sectors to the Commonwealth. Additionally, we need to support small businesses as they rebound from the devastating impacts of Covid-19. This includes expanding financial assistance to small businesses, helping to connect prospective retail and service workers with employers, and investigating supply chain issues that have resulted in increased costs of goods ranging from meat to lumber.


As a financial analyst of technology companies, I had a front-row seat to the ways in which our economy is changing and automating. To support the Commonwealth’s residents during this transition, we should provide workers with the tools and training necessary to succeed in new jobs, while also reigning in the excesses of Big Tech companies. Specifically, we need to revise portions of the state tax code in order to disincentivize companies from classifying employees as independent contractors.


In all economic development efforts, we must fully support workers’ rights and the right to organize. Organized labor offers enormous benefits to Massachusetts workers and is one of the most powerful tools to combat wealth inequity.

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